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LG Innotek ‘s innovative technologies are designed for a safe, convenient and enjoyable future.
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LG Innotek seek to provide the utmost value to customers and be the first choice of customers as a global leader of materials and components.
LG Innotek is a global specialized material and component manufacturer who is making a better world through cutting edge core component technology that is leading the market and opening a smarter future through the development of new eco-friendly materials.

In the house – DISPLAY

Tuner, Power Module – High Efficiency & Sensitivity

Tape Substrate, Photo Mask – High Resolution

LED BLU – High Brightness

Ultra Slim, Smart TV Camera

On the road – AUTOMOTIVE


ABS Motor – High Safety

EPS Motor, Torque Angle Sensor – High Efficiency

BMS, Traction Motor – Eco Friendly

AFS, LED Lighting – High Convenience

In your hand – MOBILE

Camera Module, Touch Window, Ultra Slim, Build- up PCB, Package Substrate – High Performance

LED Flash

In the world - LED LIGHTING

LED Lighting Module Engine, Street Module Cutting edge core component technology that add more pleasure and happiness in your life Vehicle parts including lights-Energy- Radio components-And New material elements are symbols of consolidated new materials making our life smarter and richer. Social welfare activities by supporting multicultural families, youths and local communities, Sustainable management considering for the environment and humans, Win-win growth through fair trading and a wide range of agreements with subcontractors Are LG Innotek’s passion and efforts which make the world a happy place. LG Innotek is leaping towards a global material and component anufacturer based on our core technologies. The first choice for customers, Inside your life, LG Innotek