Total solutions from optic design to simulation, analysis, & measurement

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Optical Design (Simulation - Illuminance, Luminance, & Ray Tracing)

Optimized optic designs by simulations for optical characteristics of products.

  • Illuminance
    Optimized lighting atmosphere by illuminance design & measurement for
    users environment & objective
  • Luminance
    Various optic designs such as Uniformity, Beam angle control, & Omni
    Directional Lamp
  • Ray Tracing & Analysis
    Optimized optic designs by simulations
  • Real View (Sensibility)
    User-demanding Optic Designs (Distribution & Beam Angle)

Optical Measurement & Analysis

Optimized & Total Solutions by measurement for performance verifications & analysis after optic design

Integrating Sphere


  • Luminance
  • Color(x,y) and (u’ , v’)
  • Color Difference (∆u’v’)
  • Beam Angle
  • IES File